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Toll manufacturing

DB International is proud of their proven capabilities to develop toll manufacturing partners in China for their customers. Toll manufacturing can be an efficient and cost-effective solution to production constraints. We know that toll manufacturing requires a reliable and trusted partnership to safeguard product IP. Our production partners in China comply with the highest product quality standards and are selected on production capabilities, health and safety standards as well as permit compliance. Our production partners are able to supply product for a limited period of time to overcome temporary production constraints or supply for long term on a permanent outsourcing basis. For more than 15 years DB International is the trusted partner for customers in the fragrance, cosmetics and automotive industry.

Supply chain management

With product sourcing from China supply chain service is a crucial activity in the success of DB International and its customers. We aim to improve operational efficiency through overall supply planning, production scheduling and distribution process, taking into account real-time customer demand and operating constraints. To succeed in an increasingly competitive market, we must keep pace with constantly shifting needs and expectations of the customers for cost effective and timely supplies. With a globally integrated chemical industry, there is a growing challenge in supply chain management to move materials across different regions, especially those which need special care, such as corrosive, highly reactive, hazardous, or air/moisture sensitive materials.

Technical service and New product development

Thru our strategic partnership with Achiewell Inc we provide technical services and new product development support. We partner with our customers to improve their existing products for their present markets or jointly develop new products. For example, to obtain the required performance at target cost, we might optimize the molecular structure of a chemical, or increase its purity, or change its physical form.

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